Ohio State

What happened At Ohio State U. just proves one thing … not all people that come into this country are wanting to come here to become and be good citizens.


May we …

… be thankful that we live in the greatest country in the world… and that one day hate and immorality and killing and all other stupid stuff that people do every day will stop and we will realize that these things do not belong in a civilized society.

Reality is, is that I believe that nobody was put on this earth by our Creator to do evil.
We were put on this earth to do good and to get along with each other because brother and sister, we are all in the same boat and we need to row in unison.


Yes ! I used the “C” word !
We see the “C” word everywhere….in politics (mainly) but also in sports, in religious organizations, certain charities, our judicial system, Social Services,…you name it and the “C” word exists.

This beautiful country of ours has become a total disgrace and we have nobody to blame but our communist run government and our own shameful behavior.

When will this nonsense end ?…It probably won’t.
Why ?
Because we are human natures that went from being innocent when we were young to now embracing the filth that has become our culture.

We will never become a great nation until we cut out the crap and start behaving like civilized people.

Football And The Flag

I have seen recently, too much anti-American sentiment in this the best country in the world to live in.
I just saw that a well known sportscaster, Jim Nantz, was criticized for his comments on the pond scum that refuse to respect our countries’ symbol and our National Anthem.
What are the commies that run most of these scummy networks with their programming that proudly upholds sex and violence gonna do?…fire him too because he is a supporter of what is right ?

You know the old saying… ” If you don’t like it here…!!! “

Thanks, ACLU !!!

We can thank the scumbag lawyers and the Demoncrats for 9/11 !

I’ve had enough of this racial profiling bullshit and this crap about diversity !

Those terrorists should not have been left to get on those planes, but thanks to the real bastards that should be rotting in prison now, over three thousand innocent men, women, AND CHILDREN lost their lives.


A Cry For Help : The Tracey Thurman Story

This was a movie made back in 1989 about a lady who was brutally mistreated by her husband.
I know Tracey, and she is a wonderful person.
The movie is done in a flashback style.
It tells all about what went on in her life while she was married to a monster.
Please look for this movie because it shows  what happens to too many women each and every day who live with violent, manipulating boyfriends or husbands.


Told Ya So !!!

Back a while, I wrote that the U.S. Olympic Team should NOT go to Brazil.

Now some of the swim team is in deep water for saying that they were robbed at gun point, an incident that may or may not occur.

If they lied about being robbed, the consequences will possibly be a big fine, jail time, or both plus a total disgrace to the team and themselves AND their families.

Other athletes also claimed that they had crimes committed against them along with various other incidents that you have already read about in the news.

The country of Brazil has totally disgraced itself in front of the world, and I hope that the Olympics will never be held in a South American country ever again.