Hey Fat Kid !!!

Our President made a glowing error by having that attack on Syria.
Asswad, or whatever his name is, should be nothung but a fly speck on our radar.
Who should be in our sights is the fat pile of crap in North Korea.
I and every person who is trying to keep up on world events should know that his shining moment will be when he sends a nuke over to our shores.
He doesn’t even have to send it  through the air, but put some kind of device in a shipping container and bring it over that way.

World War 3 is in the works.

You don’t have to kill people with a nuclear device though.
I think what is going to happen is a mass shut down of power grids, all electrical devices, the Internet… .
It will be total chaos that will destroy this world.
People will be clamoring for clean water and food… .


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