The Nuts Are Out There !

The Las Vegas massacre more than likely will not be the last.
I do not think that it is a secret that there WILL be more because Paddock was checking out a bunch of venues to do a killing, so it’s not only the question of WHEN. it’s also WHERE.

Is this going to be a future where you don’t know if you go out to anywhere wondering if you are going to make it back home alive or not ?
Are we not going to be safe even in a place of worship ?

The DHS and the FBI have their hands full.
I believe that they know where most of the terrorists that are ” hiding out ” in this country are, but what about individuals like Paddock.

Mental illness in this country is at epidemic proportions and you cannot make me believe otherwise.
When I go to the local supermarket and sit on one of the benches there just to observe people, I can tell more or less what kind of a life they are leading.
I can pick out the drug addicts, the welfare deadbeats who are living off of my tax money, etc..
The most disturbing statistic that I could see is, nobody cares about what is REALLY going on in this world and would not have the slightest clue what to do in a grave situation.
When something bad DOES happen, what do you think is GOING to happen.
RIGHT !…You are going to rely on the government and President Trump ( who more than likely you DIDN’T vote for ) to save your miserable, worthless ass.



It’s not the first time

Another scandal from the N.C.A.A..
This one also involves NIKE who supplies most of the footwear used by this crooked organization.
All of the participants in this scandal should be fired immediately, but there will be appeals that should be denied.
Also, all monies due to these people from multiple year contracts, etc. should NOT be given o them.
They are GONE PERIOD and out in the cold.



I just found out that the President of Venezuela is preparing his country for war with the U.S.
Another mentally ill piece of garbage who needs to sit down and shut up !

What are they going to use for weapons…water pistols ?


To all sports teams and their players…

…Disrespect to our American flag is as far as I am concerned a crime against the country.

I am dam sick and tired of celebrities who live in this country, make big salaries, and yet give the middle finger to the flag and President Trump.

You are nothing to me but scum sucking communists and anarchists and should take your stupidity elsewhere.

You play sports because you couldn’t get a real job !

Just try to pull the kind of crap that you pull here over in North Korea or Russia and see how long it takes to find yourself in prison for life !!!


Tired of it all !!!

I am so sick and tired listening to the same crap from Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders , Dick Blumenthal and all the other IDIOTS of the far left socialist party.

The D.A.C.A. program is nothing but a SCAM, PERIOD !
Four hundred million dollars was spent on these scam artists half of whom are NOT students, but thieves stealing from the hard working American tax payers.

I want President Trump to, seeing that there are too many of them to kick out of the country now, to stop all funding to these ” dreamers ” and make them get jobs.
The gravy train is OVER !

The President should also immediately have ALL illegal alien prisoners kicked out of this country !The D

Schumer, Pelosi, Blumenthal and all the other pollutants of the Democratic Party LOVE the ” dreamers ” and all the other assorted ilk.
They love to kiss the rear ends of these criminals because that is their voting base.

Here is reality– The Democrats are always shooting their mouths off about racism.
The D.A.C.A program IS racist !
Just ask the White, Black, or Asian kids if THEY can get in the program.
This wonderful program is ONLY for the kids whose parents came into this country illegally.

You talk about racism ?