To the protestors in Saint Louis..

…If you don’t want the police in your lives, STOP COMMITTING CRIMES !!!



Tired of it all !!!

I am so sick and tired listening to the same crap from Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders , Dick Blumenthal and all the other IDIOTS of the far left socialist party.

The D.A.C.A. program is nothing but a SCAM, PERIOD !
Four hundred million dollars was spent on these scam artists half of whom are NOT students, but thieves stealing from the hard working American tax payers.

I want President Trump to, seeing that there are too many of them to kick out of the country now, to stop all funding to these ” dreamers ” and make them get jobs.
The gravy train is OVER !

The President should also immediately have ALL illegal alien prisoners kicked out of this country !The D

Schumer, Pelosi, Blumenthal and all the other pollutants of the Democratic Party LOVE the ” dreamers ” and all the other assorted ilk.
They love to kiss the rear ends of these criminals because that is their voting base.

Here is reality– The Democrats are always shooting their mouths off about racism.
The D.A.C.A program IS racist !
Just ask the White, Black, or Asian kids if THEY can get in the program.
This wonderful program is ONLY for the kids whose parents came into this country illegally.

You talk about racism ?


Hey Fat Kid !!!

Our President made a glowing error by having that attack on Syria.
Asswad, or whatever his name is, should be nothung but a fly speck on our radar.
Who should be in our sights is the fat pile of crap in North Korea.
I and every person who is trying to keep up on world events should know that his shining moment will be when he sends a nuke over to our shores.
He doesn’t even have to send it  through the air, but put some kind of device in a shipping container and bring it over that way.

World War 3 is in the works.

You don’t have to kill people with a nuclear device though.
I think what is going to happen is a mass shut down of power grids, all electrical devices, the Internet… .
It will be total chaos that will destroy this world.
People will be clamoring for clean water and food… .

It’s All Gotta Go

The following should no longer receive U.S.Government funding :

Planned (un)Parenthood—For ending innocent lives

National Public Radio and Television—Here, the Government is funding with my money and yours, a far left wing, liberal craptrap organization that fills youngster’s heads with their scummy, everybody wins, globalist garbage and try to sugarcoat it with anti-American liberal actors.

Sanctuary cities—They are providing felons with a prison without walls and reaping all the benefits of our beloved welfare system.

I have more additions to the list which I will give out later in another post.

God bless America and our new President !


President- elect Trump…

… needs to fire some of his choices IMMEDIATELY !!!

He needs to rescind his choices for Education Secretary ( she is a Common Core supporter), and Transportation Secretary ( No Chou. the goose’s wife ) NOW.

He also needs to distance himself from scumbags like Romney, Bolton, and Giuliani.

In fact, I think he needs to tell the old guard RNC to take a hike and let him run the country the way he sees that will bring it back to prosperity and not welfare.